CS Real Estate theses

The following is a list of thesis works completed by the graduates of the Creative Sustainability Master’s Programme in the Department of Department of Built Environment:


Name Topic Link
Sindhuprama, Apichaya Choices of housing policies: a comparative study Abstract


Name Topic Link
Autio, Panu Matias Julkinen ja yksityinen rahoitus sekä toimijuus jalkapallostadioneilla (Public and Private in Football Stadiums; in Finnish) PDF
Arkhangelskaya, Yana Economic assessment of a wood building: Life Cycle Cost and Key Stakeholders’ Decision-Making PDF
Cuesta Claros, Andrea Cecilia Sustainability Impact Assessment of Climate Change Mitigation Policies – A Case Study in Mexico PDF


Name Topic Link
Alsins, Arturs The state of greenhouse gas emissions reporting in the European real Estate sector PDF
Dau, Kim Ngan The individual drivers of The New Way of Working in Finland and Vietnam Abstract
Fatima, Zarrin The roadmap to an Ecocampus: Understanding the interplay between learning space and energy efficiency Abstract
Huotari, Heini Portfolio Diversification and the Operating Performance of Real Estate Companies Abstract
Pitkänen, Jennifer The environmental impact of service oriented companies PDF


Name Topic Link
De Beukelaer, Johannes Opportunities and challenges of coworking in Helsinki PDF
Bendová, Martina The connection between inhabitants’ justifications of their attitudes towards residential infill development in their neighborhood and areal characteristics PDF
Hooey, Kieran Sustainability in Finland’s extractive industry: Responding to a need for best practice guidelines in early decision making phases PDF


Name Topic Link
Qidi Jiang User Phase Experience from Real Estate and Facilities Management: How It Connects to and Influence over the Early Phase of Building Design PDF
Gonzalez Martinez, Maria Fernanda Social Sustainability in the Land Use Planning Process of Bogotá PDF
Mero, Johanna Environmental Life Cycle Impacts of an Industrial Building in Finland Abstract
Rantasila, Karri Pekka Tapani The impact of Mobility as a Service concept to land use PDF


Name Topic Link
Gerova, Elitza Waste heat recovery in data centres in Finland: a choice between new technology adoption and process change Abstract
Ngochi, Desmond Tijinbun Global strategies for sustainable urban development: Mainstreaming the approaches of international institutions in sustainable urban development Abstract
Rashidfarrokhi Fathabadi, Anahita The current sustainability reporting practices in Finnish real estate companies Abstract


Name Topic Link
Hellsten, Pia Modeling the carbon footprint of construction processes not available


Name Topic Link
Kim, Jinhyun Affordable housing model in Finland and South Korea: Current situations and new concept solutions not available

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