CS Design theses

The following is a list of thesis works completed by the graduates of the Creative Sustainability Master’s Programme in the Department of Design:

Name Topic  Link
Berg, Emma Fishing lessons – Capabilities approach in the design process for public work and daytime activity services for disabled people PDF
Isasi, Carolina Towards Decolonial Earthen Architecture PDF
Kangur, Kätlin Educating Students in a Changing World: Teachers’ Perspectives on Participatory Learning for Sustainability in Finland Abstract
Kokki, Anna Maria Karoliina Experiments on Experiments – Service design explorations in the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) PDF
Kolehmainen, Mirka Maria The Role of Illustrations in Children’s Sustainability-Related Picture Books Abstract
Konttinen, Heidi Decolonizing Seal Trade PDF
Menge, Simone Erna Static and in motion: How Finnish design culture changes through the work of sustainability-oriented designers PDF
Mostafa, Gaspar Data as a design material: An analysis on the challenges of working with “big data” related technologies in an industrial context PDF
Steiner, Séverine Eating for the Environment: Designing a Model to Change People’s Behaviour towards Eating a Plant-Based Diet.
Wong, Chin Chin Riddle of the Spirit: promoting sustainability through playful learning design in Finnish education PDF


Name Topic Link
Casalegno, Oona, Death is life: How regenerative thinking can revolutionize Western end of life practices, and how cellulose can contribute to the change PDF
Du, Yuexin Struggles and Successes: How the internet and social media have affected the design and crafts industry PDF
E, Hengjia Struggles of living in the city: Ethnographic study of street vendors in Shanghai PDF
Ferreira Litowtschenko, María Alternative food narratives. Activities towards more sustainable food production and consumption: Do-do’s urban farmers group in Helsinki PDF
Forde, Glen Examining Craft Brewing as a Social Innovation Process PDF
Herald, Bice Lee Rebecca Problem Framing for Applied Research: Evaluating a New Designer’s Approach to Problem Framing to Improve the Sustainability in Our Food Production Chain PDF
Karlsson, Paula Teachers’ Perspective on the National Core Curriculum of Basic Education 2016: Finding Leverage in Supporting Upper-comprehensive School Teachers with Phenomenon-Based Learning and Co-design PDF
Kim, Hyesun How farming practices have developed in Seoul, South Korea from the 1960s to the 2010s: Focusing on the Green Revolution Technology, Organic Farming and Urban Farming PDF
Manninen, Riikka Participatory Multilevel Design: Envisioning Campus Futures in Higher Education PDF
Menestrina, Jutta Maria Discovering Opportunities for Design-Driven Real Estate Development:
Comparing perceptions of design project progress from two viewpoints in the case of Torikorttelit
Mäkelä, Lilli Maaria Design for Discardables: Exploring household biowaste practices in Finland PDF
Rehula, Elise Empathy Builds Bridges: Design Perspectives to Project Leadership PDF
Räty, Niko Home Bioreactor: Local food from plant cell cultures PDF


Name Topic Link
Hector, Philip Trojan Horse: Re-framing sustainable practices as “design support” to attract new practitioners PDF
Hylerstedt, Richard Being Very Human: Designerly Ways of Working in Public Sector City Development as Social Changemaking Abstract
Kauppi, Hanna Insect economy and marketing: How much and in what way could insects be shown in packaging? PDF
Lee, Fang-Yi What do they really mean by “design”? – A textual analysis of the reports from design-led labs that strive for better service provision and policymaking PDF
Pakbeen, Hesamedin Where UX and Sustainability meet. Facilitating eco-behaviour in cruise ship cabins: A guideline for Experience Designers PDF
Romero, Briana Nicole The Playground of Education: Parallels between alternative childhood learning and the interdisciplinary multicultural university PDF
Valkola, Anni Inkeri Coping alone – Exploring indifference as an experience through empathic design PDF
Väänänen, Jenni Maaria Landscapes of Time: Exploring emerging trends countering the mega trend of acceleration as inspiration for concept development of a magazine PDF


Name Topic Link
Ahlström, Mikko Tuomas Stimulating regional renewable energy planning in the City of Espoo with an application based on Open Data PDF
Bushueva, Julia Thinking Outside of the Can: Sustainable Management of Post-Consumer Paint and Packaging in Finland PDF
Happonen, Heta Reaching out through comics: Co-creating comics for environmental education PDF
Kodathoor, Sujil The Role of the Designer Facilitator — A field based design approach towards facilitating a collaborative technology for a health care project PDF
Laukkanen, Sanna Johanna Yes in our backyard! – Facilitating proactive citizen participation in urban planning PDF
Leomi, Elle Sisko Tokyo Flâneur: A Study Of Urban Experience In Narrative PDF
Lihhavtshuk, Roman Perceiving eco-labels as sustainability brands: The role of visual design and co-branding in credibility of eco-labels PDF
Mäkinen, Sami Sebastian Future Floating Community for Singapore 2030 PDF
Mehta, Mridu Supporting the Design and Development of an Online Advocacy Community: A community model and related design elements for advancing women’s health and rights PDF
Österlin La Mont, Amanda Carolin Facilitating Climate Transition: Co-designing future scenarios and pathways to build capacity for change among citizens and policy makers PDF
Poutanen, Olli Ilmari Embodied interaction choreographies: Kinesthetic approach to intelligent environment design PDF
Salovaara, Janne Juhani On an example of a Post-formal education – on Social Sustainability PDF
Tarkkonen, Elina Sustainability ROI Measurement: Towards a more comprehensive model on sustainability investment decision-making – A case study PDF
Valladares Noguera, Maria Andrea Design When Social Enterprises Arise: Design for Sustainable Development in Guatemala through Social Enterprises PDF
Vertiz Marquez, Brenda Victoria Spaceability (Co-designing a tangible space for learning by understanding the in-tangible core of Aalto’s Creative Sustainability community) PDF


Name Topic Link
Baradwaj, Aajwanthi Krithivasan Awareness and Participation towards Encouraging Sustainable Urban Water Management: A Case Study of the Jakkur Lake, Bangalore PDF
Baroncelli Torretta, Nicholas A Journey Through Alternative Ways of Living: A design approach for scaling up grassroots initiatives towards sustainability PDF
Byggmästar, Bianca Uncovering Treasures – Approaching Sustainability through Renovation in Interior Design PDF
Oguz, Aslihan My Dear Kitchen in Helsinki: Explorations on a Community of Practice Using Food, Cooking and Blogging PDF


Name Topic Link
Bäckman, Malin Emilia Explorations in Kannelmäki: Building design knowledge through practice-based design research PDF
Hirscher, Anja Lisa Joyful participation in new ways of designing and making clothes – Enabling person-product attachment to potentially reduce unnecessary consumption PDF
Kajamaa, Suvi A Public Toilet – a Window to Values and Wellbeing of Society PDF
Knappers, Caroline Cornelia Freea Using the Unused: Spaces for Aalto University’s Creative Community PDF
Park, Joong Yeol Journey of Jerrycan: Sustainable Local Product Design Development for SMEs Designers: A Case study from Kampala, Uganda PDF

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