CS Business theses

The following is a list of thesis works completed by the graduates of the Creative Sustainability Master’s Programme in the Department of Management Studies:


Name Topic Link
Anttila, Oona Co-creating a circular future: Case EcoDesign Sprint
Dinh, Thy Do Vy Is sharing caring? Exploring the perceived social and economic sustainability of sharing economy in emerging markets PDF
Kolijonen, Aura Kristina An Assessment of the UN Global Compact’s Contribution to CSR: A Case Study of Finnish Forestry and Paper Industry
Lattu, Annina Social and Economic Sustainability Tensions in the Finnish University System, Perspectives from Two University Managements and the Ministry of Education and Culture PDF
Miller, Elizabeth Mary Trash to Treasure: A Multiple Case Study of Finnish Companies That Create Economic Value from Waste Materials PDF
Nguyen, Thuy Trang Public-Enterprise Collaboration: Overcoming Challenges To Scale Up Social Innovation PDF
Nuorteva, Robert The Paradox of Growth: How Nature-Based Tourism Entrepreneurs Navigate the Tension Between Growth and Sustainability PDF
Pakkala, Anna GROCERY RETAILERS & RENEWABLE ENERGY ADOPTION: A comparative case study on how and why grocery retailers in Finland invest in renewable energy PDF
Pinomaa, Melina Katriina Sustainable Supply Chain Management policies and practices Abstract
Schmidt, Norbert Cycling to Sustainability. The role of local public authorities in furthering the creation of sustainable Product-Service Systems to promote cycling for climate change mitigation. PDF
Song, Ping Implication of China’s Ambitious European Investment Plan for Nordic Energy and Cleantech Sector Abstract


Name Topic Link
Evaraars, Christine A green current? Sustainability aspects in value propositions of Belgian electricity companies Abstract
Fasoli, Daniele The Growth Fetish Survival: a critical discourse analysis on the reproduction of the growth discourse in Italian newspapers PDF
Frilander, Oona Consulting for a cause – A case study on management consulting with a societal agenda Abstract
Mouazan, Erwan Understanding circular business models: drivers, obstacles and conditions towards a successful transition PDF
Ovaska, Jukka-Pekka Emergence of mobility market platforms, Case: Mobility as a Service PDF
Perfilyeva, Ekaterina “Yes It Can”: State Support for Renewable Energy Innovations in Finland PDF
Tammisto, Petra From Confrontation to Collaboration: A Case Study on Arla Foods and NGO-MNE Collaboration on CSR PDF
Tseng, Tsui-Fan Discover the internal drivers for strategic CSR from dynamic capabilities perspective – A Multiple case study in Nordic textile industry URL
Vierros, Johanna “How is your life different now?” Identifying the socio-economic impacts of social enterprises in developing economies: Case Duara Travels PDF
Wolowiec, Melanie Blockshare – Analyzing the Potential for Building a Direct Peer-to-Peer Sharing Economy on Blockchain Abstract


Name Topic Link
Grönfors, Johan Henry The societal impact of governmental voluntary sustainable development programs: Case “the Commitment 2050” PDF
Lätti, Risto Johannes Value creation and strategy in the hyperconnected world – The current wave of digitalization explained through the study of Finnish forerunner companies PDF
Rocha Perrupato, Carla Living off garbage – Waste picker institutions in Brazil through the lens of Elinor Ostrom’s principles for governance of common-pool resources PDF
Voipio, Elina Social responsibility practices in professional purchasing of general merchandise in Finnish retail sector – Drivers, barriers and opportunity for change; in Finnish (Sosiaalisen vastuullisuuden huomioiminen käyttötavaroiden ammattiostotoiminnassa kaupan alalla Suomessa – Esteet, kannusteet ja mahdollisuus muutokseen) PDF


Name Topic Link
Guzman Figueroa, Nathaly Xiomara Stakeholder collaboration in community-based organizations (CBOs): The case of a sanitation CBO working in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania PDF
Jääskeläinen, Mikko Henrik Initiating and managing an open innovation process between an SME and end-users in voluntary associations Abstract
Panthi, Tara Prasad Entrepreneurship in Subsistence Setting: Evidence from Facilitated Entrepreneurship Program in Nepal PDF
Telfser, Katharina Creating a market for a more sustainable alternative: entomophagy businesses in Europe PDF
Wierenga, Marleen Local frugal innovations: How do resource-scarce innovations emerge in India? PDF


Name Topic Link
Eerola, Susanna Helena Energy efficiency renovation in a housing company: process, decision making and actors Abstract
Hronek, Jörg Stakeholder theory meets innovation – an investigation of stakeholder thinking in an innovation context PDF
Jysmä, Tia Katariina Different understandings of corporate social responsibility: A case study among investors and middle managers PDF
Lahtinen, Eevamari Pauliina CSR Stakeholder Dialogue in Web 2.0: A Case Study PDF
Liuksiala, Lotta Eveliina Internationalization of Finnish renewable energy SMEs to Africa: Challenges and suggestions from the support network PDF


Name Topic Link
Kaufmann, Daniel Pietari User driven open innovation policy in theory and practice: A case study Abstract

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