CS Business theses

The following is a list of thesis works completed by the graduates of the Creative Sustainability Master’s Programme in the Department of Management Studies:


Name Topic Link
Nguyen, Thuy Trang Public-Enterprise Collaboration: Overcoming Challenges To Scale Up Social Innovation


Name Topic Link
Evaraars, Christine A green current? Sustainability aspects in value propositions of Belgian electricity companies Abstract
Fasoli, Daniele The Growth Fetish Survival: a critical discourse analysis on the reproduction of the growth discourse in Italian newspapers PDF
Frilander, Oona Consulting for a cause – A case study on management consulting with a societal agenda Abstract
Mouazan, Erwan Understanding circular business models: drivers, obstacles and conditions towards a successful transition PDF
Ovaska, Jukka-Pekka Emergence of mobility market platforms, Case: Mobility as a Service PDF
Perfilyeva, Ekaterina “Yes It Can”: State Support for Renewable Energy Innovations in Finland PDF
Tammisto, Petra From Confrontation to Collaboration: A Case Study on Arla Foods and NGO-MNE Collaboration on CSR PDF
Tseng, Tsui-Fan Discover the internal drivers for strategic CSR from dynamic capabilities perspective – A Multiple case study in Nordic textile industry URL
Vierros, Johanna “How is your life different now?” Identifying the socio-economic impacts of social enterprises in developing economies: Case Duara Travels PDF
Wolowiec, Melanie Blockshare – Analyzing the Potential for Building a Direct Peer-to-Peer Sharing Economy on Blockchain Abstract


Name Topic Link
Grönfors, Johan Henry The societal impact of governmental voluntary sustainable development programs: Case “the Commitment 2050” PDF
Lätti, Risto Johannes Value creation and strategy in the hyperconnected world – The current wave of digitalization explained through the study of Finnish forerunner companies PDF
Rocha Perrupato, Carla Living off garbage – Waste picker institutions in Brazil through the lens of Elinor Ostrom’s principles for governance of common-pool resources PDF
Voipio, Elina Social responsibility practices in professional purchasing of general merchandise in Finnish retail sector – Drivers, barriers and opportunity for change; in Finnish (Sosiaalisen vastuullisuuden huomioiminen käyttötavaroiden ammattiostotoiminnassa kaupan alalla Suomessa – Esteet, kannusteet ja mahdollisuus muutokseen) PDF


Name Topic Link
Guzman Figueroa, Nathaly Xiomara Stakeholder collaboration in community-based organizations (CBOs): The case of a sanitation CBO working in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania PDF
Jääskeläinen, Mikko Henrik Initiating and managing an open innovation process between an SME and end-users in voluntary associations Abstract
Panthi, Tara Prasad Entrepreneurship in Subsistence Setting: Evidence from Facilitated Entrepreneurship Program in Nepal PDF
Telfser, Katharina Creating a market for a more sustainable alternative: entomophagy businesses in Europe PDF
Wierenga, Marleen Local frugal innovations: How do resource-scarce innovations emerge in India? PDF


Name Topic Link
Eerola, Susanna Helena Energy efficiency renovation in a housing company: process, decision making and actors Abstract
Hronek, Jörg Stakeholder theory meets innovation – an investigation of stakeholder thinking in an innovation context PDF
Jysmä, Tia Katariina Different understandings of corporate social responsibility: A case study among investors and middle managers PDF
Lahtinen, Eevamari Pauliina CSR Stakeholder Dialogue in Web 2.0: A Case Study PDF
Liuksiala, Lotta Eveliina Internationalization of Finnish renewable energy SMEs to Africa: Challenges and suggestions from the support network PDF


Name Topic Link
Kaufmann, Daniel Pietari User driven open innovation policy in theory and practice: A case study Abstract

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