CS Architecture theses

The following is a list of thesis works completed by the graduates of the Creative Sustainability Master’s Programme in the Department of Architecture:


Name Topic Link
Fotouhi, Fahimeh Performative Building Envelopes, State of the Art and Future Potentials Abstract
Kang, Kwangsun Wings of Hakaniemi PDF
Mellberg, Caroline The building as a whole – A journey to reflect the concept of sustainable building PDF
Wang, Yuchan Architecture for bidding farewell to life – A hospice for cancer patients in China
Youn, Byungmin Living Together / Threshold: Spaces between and public realm in cohousing PDF


Name Topic Link
Huang, Xing Reinterpretation of arcade typology in a contemporary way Abstract
Jevtic, Dragan Well Being Centre for Immigrant Population of Helsinki Abstract
Moinel, Caroline Farming the city. Creating opportunities for urban agriculture in Helsinki. How can architects engage? Abstract


Name Topic Link
Airaksinen, Olga Maria Itkonniemen ranta muutoksessa – teollisuusalueesta eläväksi kaupunginosaksi (Itkonniemi waterfront, transformation of an industrial area to a lively neighbourhood; in Finnish) PDF
Na, Byoungkuk Restorative ordinary life PDF


Name Topic Link
Arjanko, Timo Paavo Tapio Dwellings Promoting Sustainable Lifestyles in Vartiosaari PDF
Floret, Zita Architecture meets sanitation – Intervening in community-led sanitation improvemnts in an informal settlement of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania PDF
Heiskanen, Sassi Asta Johanna Urban Play – daily leisure playspots for youth promoting spontaneous physical activity PDF
Rinne, Niina Martina Home 2040 – A Vision for Vartiosaari PDF


Name Topic Link
Abdo Duran, Maria Gabriela A Grid for Sustainability Abstract
Andretti, Elisa Otaniemi Walks not available
Ni Mhorain, Niamh Drawing out everyday expertise: Expanded role of architect in renovation of apartment buildings not available
Ryu, Haeyeon Sustainable building refurbishment : process based approaches with the Hotel Klaus K refurbishment case PDF

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