Welfare City Futures: Helsinki 12.03.19

On the 12th of March, students from KADK’s Urbanism and Societal Change visited the Creative Sustainability Master’s programme at Aalto University.

During the event participants had the opportunity to hear from the course directors of each programme and briefly from the students themselves. This included a presentation by CS candidate, Andreas Sode of his thesis project related to assessing design in a governmental organisation.

In the second half of the event four perspectives on urbanism were presented. In her presentation ‘Urban Futures in a Changing Climate’, Prof. Idil Gaziulusoy argued for the importance of normative, systemic and long-term visions for tackling climate change in the urban context, while Dr. Cindy Kohtala promoted the perspective of urban activist makers in Fab Labs, urban agriculture, renewable energy and reuse and repair festivals. Prof. Juanjo Galan took another angle, this time focusing on the hybridity of urban landscapes and i­ts effect on green urban planning.  Finally, Tehilah Auramo and Pretri Kangassalo presented the current projects running at Dodo, the Helsinki-based urban environmental organization.

“I think it was interesting to hear how the notion of “urban” can be approached from so many different angles. More and more people are now living in the urban areas, and that means a whole set of challenges like city segregation, immigration, a growing elder population, and so forth.” Andreas Sode, CS minor student.

The event allowed for cross-fertilisation across the two programmes and enabled multiple ideas on the notion of urbanism and the Welfare City in the context of Helsinki to be presented and explored. Thanks to Kata Fodor for organising and facilitating this event.


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12 months ago

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