Week 5: Progress so far: not bad

It has been 5 weeks after we’ve launched the 1st release of new Creative Sustainability (CS) website and turns out that the progress has been not so bad! 2,621 visitors so far about half of which is returning, 9,071 pageviews, average visit duration is 4 minutes and 5 seconds.

Visitors to the new website

If you’re reading this text, this is actually the 2nd release of our new website. The reason we have the two-phases launch was the admission from 2nd of January to 15th of February. One thing of note is the change of workload of Naoko, our wonderful study coordinator. There had been from fifteen to twenty phones calls or emails to her everyday during the admission period in the past and this year the number is down to only a few. This is of note as the information we have is basically the same and only how they are shown has changed. One can do a lot better by investing in information architecture with the same information.

Another thing of note is that about half of all visitors to CS website is from Finland – 1,368 out of 2,621. This is in part due to the fact that Aalto University is one of the most respected universities in Finland, and also that we have not promoted our programme enough around the world. Now we have one more clear agenda.

This part of the website, SWD is short for Stuff We Do where any CS-related people – students, visiting students, lecturers, professors – share what they’re doing contemporarily whereas CS Experience shares curated and crafted contents as proceedings which the CS programme take full-responsible of. Please let us know if you have something to share.

Posted by Seungho Lee
7 years ago