Vivacity app placed 3rd in Night of Circular Solutions 2017

WHAT: Night of Circular Solutions, Arranged by Sitra and Helsinki Think Company
WHERE: Allas Sea Pool, Helsinki
WHEN: 6th of June 2017, 6 pm-6 am.

In the Night of Circular Solutions, the multidisciplinary teams from business and academia work on circular economy solutions. The work starts in the evening and the aim is to have a number of new ideas for enterprises and scientific publications ready by morning. One of the successful ideas from the night of 6th of June 2017 was Vivacity, an app that connects travelers with local and sustainability-oriented choices like restaurants and shops. In the Night of Circular Solutions, Vivacity placed 3rd. Vivacity is a team founded in UNLEASH 2017, including Sara Lucía Rueda Mejía (CS Design student), Marie Chauloux, Patrick Elf, Sophie Lemieux and Victor Gimenez. From below, you can learn more about Vivacity.


Vivacity is a tool for global millennial that supports local economies by making it easy to make sustainable consumption choices and meet like-minded people.

The idea is the brain-child of UNLEASH Lab 2017’s Think-Tank-style brainstorm sessions. Our team is a group of five young students and entrepreneurs. We each originally come from five different countries and are living abroad on three different continents. Individually, we have distinct talents. The team is comprised of designers, business minds, sustainability experts, a tourism expert and a customer experience specialist. In common we have our sheer motivation to promote sustainability-oriented behaviours.

What problem does Vivacity solve?

“Don’t you hate traveling just to end up at a bar made for tourists and packed with tourists? With Vivacity app, find only local hotspots!”

You’ve arrived in a foreign city and you’d like a snack. Naturally, you take out your phone to find a suggestion, but instead you find yourself scrolling through dozens of suggestions with ratings from people you don’t know and whose taste you don’t trust. Worse than that, you’d like to make a sustainable choice which, for you, might just mean going where the locals go! But, no app currently offers a solution to this market gap. Vivacity responds to this need, while contributing to the local economy and creating a demand for sustainable offers.

Using Vivacity is simple: Scroll through a newsfeed-style page to find suggestions, choose a location from a map, or make a specific search. Connect with like-minded people by seeing who else is at the location you’re heading to. Vivacity is your tool for local experience!

Learn more about Vivacity here.

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