SBC: Aalto Sustainability Map & Sustainability Newsletters

Photo: Mikko Raskinen

Elections for the Sustainable Business Club (SBC) board 2018 are coming up soon. The exact dates will be announced in the SBC website, but until then you can take a look what has already been achieved. In addition to several interesting company visits, SBC has created a map of sustainable related activities in Aalto University, which is very useful since Aalto University is a vibrant community with a constant flow of new initiatives, ideas and experiences. Aalto Sustainability Map will help in navigating around these sustainability-related activities and organisations on campus.

If you wish to stay updated on sustainability-related activities in the world, you may want to take a look on the SBC listing of sustainability newsletters. The list includes newsletters on sustainable development, climate change and sustainable business.

SBC was founded in 2008 by Helsinki School of Economics Students passionate about sustainability and its practices in the field of business. Every year SBC is led by a new board of energetic activists from different schools of Aalto University.


Posted by Creative Sustainability
2 years ago