Hsiao-Pei’s Climate-KIC Journey experience

Hsiao-Pei shares memories from Climate-KIC’s summer journey 18: An Aalto organized a dinner and geocaching game in the beautiful Nuuksio National Park.
This year several adventurous CS students set out on Climate-KIC’s summer journey. The experience involved  an intensive 3-5 week programme focusing on innovation, entrepreneurship and climate change mitigation and adaption. Students traveled between leading universities across Europe and worked together with students from all over the world to create innovate business solutions. CS master candidate Hsiao-Pei, shares her experience of Journey 10 below:

‘The summer Journey totally exceeded my expectations! No doubt, those 5 weeks were very intensive, especially final two weeks when we devoted ourselves to brainstorming ideas and developing business projects to mitigate climate change. I learned a lot from the program and got inspired by all my fellow students on Journey 10, who were brilliant and delightful. The 40 students were from 19 different countries with diverse backgrounds. The diversities sparkled our journey.

Journey 10 took us to Hamburg, Helsinki and Malta. In order to reduce carbon footprint, we took 30-hour boat trip from Hamburg to Helsinki.

In Helsinki, Aalto threw an amazing Finnish-style welcome event, sauna, hot-tub and swimming in the bay. After the refreshment, Aalto Ventures Program organized entrepreneurship and financial courses to help us form a solid business project. In my team, no one had business or financial background. We really appreciated the knowledge and assistance we gained from Aalto. Special thanks to Dr. Peter Kelly who provided extra consulting sessions for us. The business project my team proposed was about small-scale rural electrification – turning waste into electricity and fertilizer to fight energy poverty in rural India. With all the precious advice from local managers, coaches and professors, my team made the second best ideas out of 18 teams in the final pitch competition.

A culture fair in Aalto Design Factory organized by Simon Rombouts, the participant from Netherlands, our mastermind for all kinds of extra events in the journey.

What I value most in this journey is definitely the chance to connect with people who are devoted to making the world a better place. The bonding between all the participants in Journey 10 grew deeper and deeper. In the end, we are like a big family and I look forward to our reunion in the near future.’

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