Hello world!

by Anna Svartström, Caroline Mellberg & Ekaterina Perfilyeva


We all started our first year in Creative Sustainability fall 2015, Caroline an
architect student from Sweden, Anna a textile designer from Finland and
Ekaterina a business student from Russia. Three persons with a common
goal; to change the world! Why not start in a small scale? Try to convince
people from the start that we will have to change our behavior to secure our
resources for future generations, live a bit more sustainable in other words.
Some will argue and say that “we’re already so good here in the north, it’s
not going to help if only we change our behavior when the global world
continues to consume as it does. Studies are shown that northern countries
consume well beyond their means It’s not enough to just stop, we need to
restore what we have already destroyed.

Of course we can’t do all this by ourselves but we can grow the seed to
make it happen. Our seed is to join the IARU Climate university forum to be
able to share our knowledge and also getting the advantage to meet other
students from around the world to get to know their stories and experiences
around this huge and important topic. During one year the mission is to
create a project that will have measurable impact on our campus. The
project will foremost focus on the environmental sustainability, but since we
are CS students we will also take in account the social and economical part
of sustainability though they are equally important and highly connected to
each other.

One can’t argue for a better climate without understanding the impact it will
have on the human behavior and our global economy.
In our selected project proposal we mentioned Aalto University’s goal to be
the most sustainable campus in Finland by 2020 and how our project would
assist our university to achieve that goal. We aim to educate on water
scarcity, carbon footprint, sustainable and efficient energy and importance of
seasonal food.

We are visiting different events, start up meetings and sustainable jams to
get new ideas on what we can do to make our project a success.
Our intervention has to have a measurable effect on the campus and will
therefore need to be a realized project during the year to come.
IARU stands for ‘International Alliance of Research Universities’ and this
forum is focused around the words “Think Global; act local”. The fourth of
December we will leave Helsinki for Paris where the forum will start with a
one day workshop co-hosted by Sorbonne Universités and arranged by Yale
University. As you may notice if you are a big tree hugger the workshop will
take place during the same week as the United Nations Framework
Convention on Climate Change Conference of Parties, COP21.

After the workshop the real work will begin and during the following year we
will have to report monthly on our work and give feedback on other teams’
work and also receive feedback from them; “with the aim of keeping
students in contact and active for the cause of addressing climate change”.
We are really thrilled to be a part of this project, Anna will have it as a PET
project and Caroline and Ekaterina will place it under the course ‘CS
project’ and our mentor is Mikko Jalas.

To be able to get a bigger insight in the campus world and have the chance
to realize our project easier we were all running as candidates for the
Greener Aalto party in the “AYY,” Aalto’s student union election.
We hope you are as excited as we are and if you have any questions or
great ideas you can always contact us firstname.lastname @aalto.fi.

To be continued!

You can follow our journey on our blog

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