Foodycle Festival 2013

Hi guys! I’ve been involved in organising Foodycle festival, which I think many of you already know. Here’s the belated video of the event for those who did not make it to the festival. As a CS alumnus I was very proud being part of this event, and hoped there will be more of us joining this event one way or the other in year 2014!

About Foodycle

Foodycle was a two-day event organised as a collaboration between Pixelache Helsinki and Ruoan Tulevaisuus (Future of Food) and other partners. It is a transdisciplinary and participatory food festival that brings together artists, designers, scientists, grassroots organisations, students, and consumers in general. It aims to recover the true meaning of systems thinking – a bridge between art, design and science – and a space for sharing ideas for sustainable food in the current and future Finland. The programme is organised around various interpretations of the food-cycle, combining theory & hands-on workshops, providing both literally and metaphorically ‘food for thought’, as well as tools for participants to contribute to improving our food system. Read on

I wish you a happy Christmas and a great adventure in 2014!


Pixelache Helsinki Ruoan Tulevaisuus Seungho Lee Amanda McDonald Crowley

Partners & Supporters

Aalto Media Factory, Austrian Embassy, Happi, Helsinki kulttuurikesus, HIAP, Kääntöpöytä, Ministry of Education & Culture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Helsinki kulttuurikesus, and Unigrafia


Seungho Lee (Photography, filming and Editing) Christine Boggs (Photography) Tuure Parviainen (Photography)


The Gold Lining by Broke For Free, licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives (a.k.a. music sharing) License.

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6 years ago