Finland Youth Climate Summit 2016

By Heidi Konttinen

Photo by Glen Forde
Photo by Glen Forde

Internship experience by Heidi Konttinen, CS Design student
Position: Event coordinator
What: Finland Youth Climate Summit
When: 26.11.2015 in Heureka
Employer: Nuorten Akatemia (Youth Academy) & Ilmari (environmental education program)

Finland Youth Climate Summit 2016 gathered 66 middle school students from all over Finland to create a climate action plan for their schools. The themes for this year were energy efficiency, renewable energy and food. While the students were creating the plans, teachers and principals learned how to support the students with their projects and how to include the projects in the curriculum. In addition, the students sent a video message to COP21 to encourage them to make a strong Climate Agreement.

My role was to coordinate communication with schools and partner organizations. I was also in charge of communication in social media, web and between Finland and Adirondacks Youth Climate Summits. I contributed to the program planning of the event and directed and edited the video for the Paris COP21. Additionally, I was responsible for practicalities such as travel arrangements.

Youth Climate Summit was created in Adirondacks, USA. The aim is to give an opportunity to young people to make an impact on their own future by offering tools to make change and a channel to create environmental awareness. This was the 4th Youth Climate Summit arranged in Finland, and it was carried out in cooperation with Nuorten Akatemia, WWF, Schneider Electric and Heureka.

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