Exchange Studies in Swinburne University of Technology

CS students are little by little starting to experience exchange studies abroad.

One of these students was Sassu who has just returned from Melbourne a few weeks ago and this morning (March 10th) she shared her experiences with us.

Sassu studied in Melbourne, in Swinburne University of Technology. She was there in the second semester of Australian study period, and she took 3 courses.

In her presentation, which you can download from Dropbox using the link below, she first introduced us to Melbourne as a city, then the university in general and she continued with details of the courses she took. One of those courses were part of Swinburne Design Factory and through that we also could catch a glimpse of design factory scene in Melbourne.

From her presentation, we understand that the university’s education is more traditionally design oriented, with a less focus on sustainability. It is certainly not the main part of the design process and it might even be considered as a trend that is part of a recent past. However, it is still a positive experience, with a real multidisciplinary team project, and with a lot of focus on traditional design skills, such as sketching, conceptualisation etc..

You can download the presentation here.
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Posted by Aslihan Oguz
5 years ago