CS students win Social Hackathon

Social Hackathon

In March 2017, CS students Melina Pinomaa, Hanna Kim, Hai Anh Tran and Nicolas Dolce competed in Aalto’s Social Hackathon, an event co-organized by Deloitte and OP Financial Group. Students were given three weeks to research and develop a solution for social problems in Finland, meeting the needs of fading and draining communities through the creative use of new tech platforms, such as virtual reality, cloud computing, or 3d printing.

Using skills learned in CS courses like Sustainable Product and Service Design, Systems Thinking, and How to Change the World, the four CS-Business students identified loneliness and physical inactivity among the elderly as a growing problem in Finland, interviewing contacts in Finland and abroad to develop a broad picture of the trend. Based on this, the team designed a feasible service platform that would financially and socially incentivize older citizens to meet physical activity goals through the use of wearable technology.

On the final Hackathon day, the students delivered a compelling pitch for their idea, including personal storytelling elements and leaving a strong impression on the judges. The Creative Sustainability students were selected over 9 other teams as the winners of the Hackathon. As a prize, the group will be working to develop their idea with OP and Deloitte during summer 2017.


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