CHEMARTS Summer School

Left: Talisa Dwiyani and Miki Todo’s experiments with rice straw. Right: Surabhi Nadig’s work with wool and cellulose

Creative Sustainability students mix chemical engineering, art and design in the name of sustainability at Aalto’s CHEMARTS Summer School.

CS student’s Talisa Dwiyani and Surabhi Nadig have spent the last three months working in the Aalto labs learning how to use biomaterials in fresh new ways. Sustainability was a top priority and both students chose to work with materials that would otherwise end up in landfill.

Surabhi took inspiration from her favourite material – wool to create ‘Woollulose’ made from a blend wool fibres and cellulose.‘I have always loved wool but I never knew that it could be blended with cellulose to make such a strong composite material,’ says Surabhi . She used donated wool fibres which otherwise would have been thrown away.

Talisa teamed up with exchange student Miki Todo to experiment with rice straw. In Indonesia rice straw is plentiful bioproduct from the rice industry. Finding a use for this waste stream was a priority Talisa and Miki who had both experienced the rice straw waste first hand.

Talisa shares ‘I really feel how the circular economy is important to be understand by a designer. This course is really a game changing that you start to questioning your own material similar like cooking, know your material better and all the effect that come within.’.

The results of their hard work are not only beautiful but also have the potential for practical application in zero waste product design. If you’d like to know more you can see all the CHEMARTS students work for yourself in the Väre Lobby this week.

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