CellPod: Re-Think Urban Farming

By Niko Räty, CS Design Master’s student in the Plant Biotechnology team at VTT.

A home appliance that grows the ingredients for a healthy meal from plant cells is not science fiction it’s urban farming re-thinked

CellPod is a new type of home appliance that grows healthy nutritious plant based ingredients in home environment. It’s a new type of urban farming where you can harvest ingredients in every season. Cellular Agriculture is here and now it’s also coming to kitchen.
The first cellular agriculture fare have held in San Francisco in previous summer and its shows that potential of cell farming have been noticed internationally. Almost every animal based products has been replaced on its cellular future cousin. Our project differentiates from those by focusing completely on plants. In CellPod project we bring In Vitro letice between In vitro burger. Here, letice refers to the fact that with the CellPod you can grow any kind of plant paced foods even from the rare plants like arctic bramble without harming the extince of the orginal plant.


Technique of cell farming is rather old. Previously it’s been used in pharmaceutical purposes and in cosmetics but now we want to bring cellular farming to hands of everyday consumer.
My role as a designer in the CellPod project is to develop the cellpod concept, see product idea from customer perspective and transform existing solutions to user friendly experiences. In this project we particularly investigate customer acceptance the CellPod and test ideas by prototyping. VTT’s first CellPod prototype is currently producing a harvest in Otaniemi. The appliance resembles a design lamp and is ideal for keeping on a kitchen table. The consumer wishes and views on the food production of the future play a key role in the design of the concept. People interested in VTT’s CellPod or other food production methods based on cell cultures can participate in the discussion and the development work on VTT’s online platform Owela (In Finnish).
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2 years ago