Big Plans Bakery

Who We Are

The first organisation to emerge from the CS program, Big Plans Bakery was founded by four CSers – two from CS/Design, two from CS/Business – and three others with different backgrounds, from University of Tampere, University of Helsinki and University of Applied Sciences Vaasa. Even though still a young organisation, BPB is highly experienced through its members’ backgrounds in responsible business, sustainable development, eco-friendly consumption, social inclusion and service design, to name a few.

Big Plans Bakery is an interdisciplinary organisation that fits somewhere between a think tank and a design consultancy – which is why we call it a Think/Do-Tank. We’re at our best in producing solutions to problems that come between people and a sustainable future. Our solutions are based on valid theory that is proven in tangible actions – this assures the scientific and ethical integrity that is the centre of our operational values.

What We Do

Starting from our roots in Aalto, BPB has facilitated courses for the University. The first taste of the CS program for incoming students in 2013 was provided by BPB, in the Creating the Mindset of Sustainable Societies course. On another CS-minded course, How to Change the World, BPB challenged one group to ponder the life of people living in the gaps of Finnish social welfare system.

Bakers will continue to work with Aalto University, other organisations, associations and projects. For example, in the coming year we’ll work in the Oulu region on socio-cultural sustainability, in a project commissioned by the Centre of Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.

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6 years ago