Course List for Minor Study 2017-2018

More information on the following courses can be found by searching WebOodi with the name or code of the course or study module.

School of Arts, Design and Architecture

Department of Design

Code Name ECTS
MUO-E8012 Design for Government 10
MUO-E8017 Eco-auditing 2
MUO-E8018 Sustainability Politics 5
MUO-E8020 Sustainable Product and Service Design, Theory 5
MUO-E8021 Participatory Methods and Facilitation Skills 5
MUO-E8023 Values in Design Futures 5
Sustainability studies in other universities

Department of Architecture

Code Name ECTS
ARK-E2007 Interplay of Cultures, Studio* 10
ARK-E3505 Sustainable Building Design 10
ARK-E5505 Sustainable Urban Design 10
ARK-E4009 Sustainability Tools for Building Designers 2
MAR-E1005 Restoration and Management of Urban Biotopes 9
MAR-E1025 Green Area Planning 7

*Notice: WAT-E2060 Sustainable Built Environment, or ARK-E5503 Cities in Transition – Research & Theory should be completed first

School of Business

Code Name ECTS
21E10000 How to Change the World: Innovating toward Sustainability 6
21E11001 Dialogues in Corporate Responsibility in Global Economy 6
21E12002 CAPSTONE in Creative Sustainability 6
21E16000 Sustainable business & consumption 6
21E16100 Energy Business and Innovation 6
22E29100 Accounting for sustainability 6
25E18000 Sustainable Entrepreneurship 6
51E00100 Business Ethics 6
21E06050 Responsibility Management, book exam 6

School of Engineering

Department of Built Environment:

Code Name ECTS
REC-E1010 Real Estate Economics 5
REC-E1020 Property Right, Cadaster and Planning 5
REC-E1060 Business Environmental Law 5
REC-E3010 Real Estate Business and Entrepreneurship 5
REC-E3030 Property Development 5
WAT-E2060 Sustainable Built Environment 5
WAT-E3020 State of the World and Development 2
WAT-E2070 Sustainable Global Technologies Studio* 10

*Notice: “WAT-E3020 State of the World & Development, and WAT-E2060 Sustainable Built Environment” should be completed first