Waves Festival 8th May

Welcome to the first Waves Festival to discuss for the first time in Finnish history what it means to combine research and practice for sustainable and impact business!

Waves Festival brings together researchers, entrepreneurs, designers, financiers, students, and other impact business enthusiasts to discuss, network and enjoy music, spring, food, and drinks! This year’s festival theme is Go Beyond! With that we invite everyone to share, learn and dream about the future of sustainable impact business in Finland and beyond.


16:00-17:00 | Music & drinks outside

17:00-18:00 | Waves TALK: Introduction + main panel on pioneering impact entrepreneurship

18:00-19:00 | Discussion lounges (also DJ, drinks & snacks)
1. Beyond boundaries: Global inequality explored through empathy and empathic design.
2. Beyond the 3 sectors: What’s the right organisational form for impact business?
3. Beyond Finland: What can we do for the climate globally?

19:00-19:30 | Waves TALK: Conclusion

20:00-23:00 | More music! Let’s celebrate.

Waves Festival will showcase some of the most interesting newcomer artists in Finland at the moment. These artists not only have a strong international potential, but they speak out and drive change for a more empathetic future. The Waves Festival music program is curated by a music industry visionary Pietari Pyykönen.

Learn more about the panel, discussion lounges and first speakers at www.waves-festival.fi and don’t forget to secure your free ticket!

See you on May 8!

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8 months ago

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