Project: The Footbath

The original idea was to create an opportunity to build a gathering space within The Test Site. During the design process, we were inspired by social aspects of the Finnish mobile sauna culture and wanted to create a similar experience that can also be used for other purposes.

It is designed with a precise joinery system instead of using silicone or glue and it’s protected by natural linseed oil. In addition, the mobile Footbath has the possibility to become a heat source for the shelter, a water storage. Each part of the footbath is designed to be fit into the bath on wheels that enables the footbath to be set in any locations that have access to water.

Through the project, we have learned various techniques in wooden construction in order to store water. We have studied different characteristics on various types of trees and tested them through building small mock-ups.
Also, The mobile footbath creates a moment where strangers on the street can develop a closer connection to each other, tearing the wall of division that is resulted in urban society. The aim of the project is to bring people together from diverse background regardless of their age, gender, religion, ethnicity, and many other disparities that refrain people from knowing each other.

The footbath is intended to warm up the feet and relaxes people at any given locations. There is no preparation needed to get in, it’s easy to access, and creates an opportunity to encounter a wider range of people. The person who enters the bath can easily be part of the conversation with the people who happened to be there. We have done several public events and the footbath was able to create a socially interactive shared space that otherwise might take extra effort.

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4 months ago

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