Patrick Shulist

Assistant Professor, Sustainability in Business
Department of Management Studies

I am an Assistant Professor of Sustainability in Business, sitting in Aalto University School of Business’s Entrepreneurship Unit. I received my PhD in Business Administration from the Ivey Business School in 2016, and held an academic position there until making the move to Finland in 2018. I have also worked at Western University’s Africa Institute, and have taught in the Global Health Systems in Africa program there.

My research has two main streams, both focusing on international development and poverty alleviation in sub-Saharan Africa. First, I take a qualitative approach to understanding the “natural” course of entrepreneurship in Ghana; that is, how entrepreneurship happens in the absence of international development efforts. This research stream grew out of my frustration with seeing development organizations consistently teaching entrepreneurship in Africa in a manner ill-suited for the context.

My second research stream focuses on collaboratively working with development organizations to solve their pressing challenges. This has involved randomized field experiments to test solutions, as well as qualitative approaches. The goal is to produce work that is theoretically interesting, and practically relevant.

Surprisingly for a Canadian, I never played hockey, though I do consume copious amounts of male syrup.

Teaching: Sustainability in Business, Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Supervisor of Problem-Based Learning East Africa (PBL-EA) project in Tanzania, as part of Creative Sustainability Capstone

More Info: AaltoPeople


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