NORDES 2019 Call for student posters

Masters students are welcome to submit posters for 8th biannual Nordic Design Research Society (Nordes) conference, Aalto University, Finland 2–4 June 2019.

The theme of the conference is ‘Who cares?’

This question is a provocation for design research. What do, or should, we care about in design and design research today? Underpinning the question are issues of culture and agency – who cares, for whom, and how? Taking care, or being cared for, evokes the choice of roles, and processes of interaction, co-creation and even decision-making. Caring, as a verb, emphasizes care as intention, action and labor in relation to others. Care can be understood as concern for that beyond oneself, for others and, thus, human, societal and even material and ecological relations are at stake. The question of care is also a call for questioning relationships, participation and responsibility, democratic and sustainable ways of co-existing. From this expansive societal standpoint, we could even ask who cares about design? And what should we do about it? The 8th biennial Nordes conference poses the question, “Who cares?”, exploring related questions, issues and propositions concerning responsibilities, relationships, ways of doing and directing design today.

In relation to the conference theme of care, possible themes for submissions may include but are not limited to:

The who in care?
Relations and empathy with humans and others

Care (in)action?
Encounters, systems and institutions of care, welfare, healthcare

How to care?
Care and care-ful materials, methods and processes in design and design research

Care, where?
Design and peripheries, identities, minorities and commonalities Ethics and ethos of care? Purposes, philosophies and responsibilities in/of design

Nordes Posters

The intention of the poster category is to visually present examples of ongoing work and findings in research and design work from scholars and practitioners (including students). Use the conference template to describe your proposed poster. Within the template include: title, author(s), abstract and further sections of your choice, up to a limit of 1500 words (including references). Poster proposals should be highly visual – for example, include documentation of design work and/or a sketch or mock-up of the proposed poster (albeit within the size constraints of the template. The abstract should refer to and illuminate the visuals. Upon acceptance, author(s) will receive instructions about how to prepare their poster (size A2) for exhibition at the conference. Submit only one file (the conference template with contents as outlined above), maximum file size for the submission is 5MB.

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