CS Master’s Thesis Presentations 27.11.19

Location: Room F101 in Väre

A warm welcome!


Anna-Kaisa Varjus (13:00-13:45)
Title: Serious game as a tool for envisioning alternative sustainable futures: An action research study on the Tivoli Utopia discussion game
Supervisor-Advisor: Idil Gaziulusoy
Anna Kholina, doctoral candidate, Dept. of Design, Aalto ARTS
Michael Lettenmeier, post-doc researcher, Dept. of Design, Aalto ARTS

Talisa Dwiyani (13:50-14:35)
Title: Sustainable Initiative within Material Development: Towards Sustainable Design in Indonesia from Rice Straw Residue
Supervisor: Mikko Jalas
Advisors: Tapani Vuorinen & Tjeerd Veenhoven
Prof. Pirjo Kääriäinen, Dept. of Design, Aalto ARTS
Anna-Marie Van Der Lei, university teacher in Contemporary Design, Dept. of Design, Aalto ARTS

Anna Svartström (14:40-15:25)
Title: Towards reducing micro plastic fiber pollution in local and global waterways: Surveying laundry habits and attitudes
Supervisor: Mikko Jalas
Advisor: Kirsi Niinimäki
Elina Ilen, post-doc researcher, Dept. of Design, Aalto ARTS
Essi Karell, doctoral candidate, Dept. of Design, Aalto ARTS

Andrea Gilly (15:40-16:25)
Title: Urban Food Production for Socio-Technical Transformations: The Helsinki Metropolitan Region Urban Food Production Niche and its potential for transitions towards more sustainable food production systems
Supervisor: Eeva Berglund
Advisor: Katri Pulkkinen
Prof. Idil Gaziulusoy, Dept. of Design, Aalto ARTS
Tommy Lindgren, Lecturer in Urban Design, Dept. of Architecture, Aalto ARTS

Soroush Moradi (16:30-17:15)
Title: Reviewing and designing an Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG)
Supervisor-Advisor: Mikko Jalas
Antti Korpela, Senior Scientist, VTT
Prof. Kalevi Ekman, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Aalto ENG

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