Capstone 2019

The Capstone course in Creative Sustainability is a project-based, compulsory course for CS students. The course is led by Leena Lankoski, programme leader for Creative Sustainability Business and Senior University Lecturer from the Department of Management Studies.

During the three-month course students worked intensively in multidisciplinary teams to find creative solutions to real-life social and environmental challenges brought by partner organizations. This year students were able to choose from six different client driven projects related to diverse applications of sustainability. Topics ranged from communications to behavior change and systems thinking. As the final course in the CS schedule, students are able to apply learnings gathered throughout the master’s programme in a real-world context.

The student perspective:

“Capstone has enabled me to construct an in-depth understanding of the relationship between various stakeholders so as to make an impact on both society and the environment. In addition, the multidisciplinary context of the course has broadened the discussion, adding layers to the final outcome. It was truly a pleasure to develop the solutions with lovely teammates to real-life sustainability challenges in Capstone” Fang Shuan Chang, from the ‘Elisa as a trustworthy corporate citizen’ project. CS Design Master Candidate.

“CS Capstone was an astonishing experience for me. With my humble knowledge and working experience in Vietnam, through the Capstone I got exposed to sustainable initiatives by Nordic corporates and startups and their efforts to tackle global problems, such as climate change, to improve the life of people. We were encouraged to meet weekly, where we discussed and shared our research and ideas with our client as well as personal stories with our teammates. Such experience strengthened our sense of purpose, solidarity and empathy, which I believed have built us more of competent and responsible employees and entrepreneurs.” Lien Nguyen, from the Fazer Lifestyle Foods project. Entrepreneurship Master Candidate.

The project partners:

Compensate Foundation

Compensate is a non-profit foundation that aims to stop climate change by offering ways for people to live a carbon negative life via compensatory payment scheme. The project brief related to critical steps for individual’s CO2 compensation to become an essential tool in the fight against climate change.

Elisa Oyj

Elisa is a Finnish telecommunications company founded in 1882. The project brief related to strategy execution – Elisa as a trustworthy corporate citizen.

Fazer Lifestyle Foods

Fazer Lifestyle Foods is the latest business area of the Fazer brand, established in early 2017. The project brief related to consumer behaviour towards plant-based eating.

LiiKe – Sports and Development and PBL East Africa

LiiKe – Sports & Development is a Finnish non-governmental organization established in 2001. The main purpose of the organization is to develop the lives of children and youth living in developing countries through sport and health education. The brief related to using Physical Education as a lever to improve health and learning outcomes in Tanzanian Schools.


Qheat is a Finnish startup company on the energy industry which provides innovative geothermal energy solutions. The project brief related to market entry in the energy industry.

Smart & Clean Foundation

Helsinki Metropolitan Smart & Clean Foundation is a step change project to drive the change towards a more sustainable and prosperous future through various channels including: smart mobility, smart cities, circular economy and smart power systems. The project brief related to measuring and scaling up impacts of change projects.

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