Sustainability Test Site planning is ON!

Open call for the Practical Test Site for Sustainability received a prominent amount of interest: In total, over thirty proposals! Last week, 31st of January, all the interested joined to the first meeting in Design Factory, Aalto University. In this meeting, the attendants had a chance to meet each other, discuss about the projects, and seek connections between the proposals. Below is a summary of the first meeting with a timeline for the next steps.

Photos: CS Flickr

Networking & Connecting
After short introductions, everyone learned to know each other and the projects by discussing what inputs could be received from who and what outputs could be given to whom. This practice formed a “triangle of interdependence” between the projects and people, and aimed for creating a synergy.

After getting to know each other, the participants formed small teams to discuss about how to take the projects forward. The topics included the ideal facilities and actions on the test site, and continued into detailed plans on the actual tools and materials that are needed for building the test site. The test site will be temporary, so all the buildings have to be easily dismantled. The mind map below captures most of the ideas that were covered during the workshop.

After ideation, a timeline of the project was created together with all participants. Currently, the timeline includes only a few actions, but it will be updated continuously as the project develops.


Is there still possibility to participate?
If you have missed the open call and the meetings, but would love to participate, there is still a possibility become part of the crew and help to build the site. In that case, please contact to Andy ( or Andrea (

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