Success in Climate-KIC Nordic Ideation Day

All the award winners of Climate-KIC Nordic Ideation Day.

The ideas from Mikko Jalas, Juanjo Galan-Vivas and Mark Hughes were awarded in the Climate-KIC Nordic Ideation day in 31st of January 2018. The event took place in Aalto University’s Design Factory, gathering academia, industry and public sector representatives from the Nordic countries to pitch their climate project ideas to the jury. Beside of the opportunity to receive financial support for the projects, the Ideation Day enabled testing the project ideas among peers and network with the colleagues from the Nordic EIT (European Institute of Innovation and Technology) Climate-KIC community.

Congratulations to all the awarded projects!
Photographs: CS Flickr

Mikko Jalas receiving the grant for the proposal on Urban Carbon Sinks.

Creative Sustainability’s Programme Director Mikko Jalas pitched an idea on mitigating climate change by improving soil’s capacity to store carbon dioxide. The project connects organic waste management with soil recovery in the urban setting. “The challenge is”, Jalas explains, “that the equipments and services for management of these waste streams are undeveloped.” To respond to these challenges, Jalas was awarded with 10.000 €.

Juanjo Galan-Vivas and PhD candidate Felix Bourgeau with a €10k grant for the project AELCLIC.

Juanjo Galan-Vivas, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, received 10.000 € funding for his idea on Adaptation of European Landscapes to Climate Change (AELCLIC). Juanjo teaches in Aalto a number of courses that are related to sustainable landscape planning and sustainable landuse. The project idea proposed in the Climate-KIC aims for developing “adaptive tools for a representative sample of the most valuable or significant European Landscapes.” Juanjo explains.

REWOOD project idea received both the main award €20k and community award €5k.

Mark Hughes, Professor of Wood Technology in the Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems, proposed an idea on reusing wood from deconstructed buildings for new buildings. This is connected to the ideas of wood as a carbon sink, enhancing the availability of wood and avoiding unsustainable forest management practices that may arise from the increased interest towards wood construction. In the Climate-KIC ideation day, the project REWOOD received a total of 25.000 € in grants to develop their idea that aims to “radically rethink how wood is used in buildings – regarding them as temporal stores of the material that can be accessed through proper design for deconstruction (DfD).” Mark describes.

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