SGT Studio 2018

This year the Sustainable Global Technologies (SGT) studio course (WAT-E2070) takes the students to Mexico, Nepal, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania to apply the skills and knowledge into real-life projects. SGT studio course is arranged by the Department of Built Environment and it is part of Creative Sustainability’s alternative studies. Some of the student teams continue the work from the previous years, while some others projects are new initiatives. The final presentation of the projects takes place in 21st of May at Harald Herlin Learning Center, Otaniemi campus. Prior to that, the projects can be followed through the blogs and social media.


The focus of this project is on the various aspects of sustainability in emergency construction, with the reconstruction projects in Nepal after the 2015 earthquake as a case study.
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New project with Water Sector Trust Fund in poor and underserved rural communities. Developing sustainable and self-sustained operations in order to provide services to more customers.


Follow-up project with urban informal communities in Dar es Salaam. Focusing on sanitation and community governance and power structures.


New project with Makerere University in Kampala. Identification of the project is currently ongoing in the areas of food, energy, waste, sanitation and housing.
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AALTO LAB MEXICO: El 20 De Noviembre:

Follow-up project with a Mayan community in rural Mexico focusing on eco-tourism, handicrafts, health and water quality.


The second phase of Aalto LAB Mexico’s three-year project in a rural community of Uxuxubí, with a focus on sustainable tourism.


SGT studio

SGT Studio is a co-learning studio for Master’s and PhD students working with various stakeholders. The course looks as the diverse, multi- and cross-disciplinary connections between sustainability and technology in developing contexts. The course includes expert lectures, interactive workshops and extensive project work done in teams. As part of the team work, students may travel abroad to carry out field research on their selected theme. The lecturers and workshops introduce students to the general context of the course as well as to the process of international project work and team work.


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