Project: Garden

We are working on building a communal garden using permaculture principles. Our aim is to learn and understand how complex systems work in practice, by experimenting, creating synergies, collaborating with other organizations and projects in the site and practicing circular economy.

The garden was built reusing waste materials from Väre building and Otaniemi surroundings. We are using soil from sewage sludge, donated by Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority (HSY). We also receive help from Dodo ry and Joshua Finch from Lillklobb permaculture.

We will organize workshops and activities around the garden for sharing our results and learnings. Anyone interested can come to the garden and spend some time helping us take care of the plants, propose new ideas or just come and enjoy the place. (For those interested, we still need to build things such as a composter or a greenhouse! Any ideas are welcome! contact )

People involved: Andrea Gilly, Petri Kangassalo, Nele Korhonen, Tania Malrechauffe, Surabhi Nadig and Andy Matias.

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1 year ago

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