Project: Solar Disk

Designed by Dan Palarie and Soroush Moradi, Solar Disk is a project initiated from Aalto Creative Sustainability course (sustainable product and service design) and developed further after the course. The core idea is to have a solar installation that is integrated in urban context and generates electricity for urban grid by tracking the sun during the day and acting as a light source for pedestrians during the night.

It is designed to blend well with its surrounding urban environments and provides a positive experience by interacting with people and its surrounding space.

We would love to use the Solar Disk as a platform for bringing different multidisciplinary visions together to improve the already existing product as well as promoting it to the community and municipalities. We would be more than happy to collaborate with mechanical and electrical engineers, as well as marketing and piar specialists to scale-up and expand the project further.

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Posted by Creative Sustainability
11 months ago

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