CS Talks: Anti-oppressive and decolonial design for sustainabilities

CS Alumni and Umeå PhD Candidate, Nicholas B. Torretta will give a presentation titled: “Anti-oppressive and decolonial design for sustainabilities: whose design, whose sustainability?” 

When: November 30th 15:00 – 16:00

Where: Q201, Väre, Aalto School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

Nicholas B. Torretta’s PhD research project is titled: Anti-oppressive and decolonial design for sustainability – learning to  become together. His research explores anti-oppresssive and decolonial approaches to design for sustainability arguing for a critical examination and change in design in order to support collaborative ways of being with/as each other and the planet.

The overarching frame is of learning (to) design from a Gaian perspective (Lovelock 1995, Latour 2015), asking “how do we do things together since we are together anyway?”. I argue that, if we do not pay attention to design and its situatedness, we may sustain structures and practices of oppression and colonization. Seeing pedagogy as a way of being with and in and as the world, I use critical pedagogy (Freire, 1996) and anti/de/post-colonial discourses (Mignolo, 2000; Escobar, 2018) as a frame to explore how design for sustainability can support diversity and emancipation.

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