CS Kick-off Day 2018

Welcome to the Creative Sustainability Kick-off day! Here you will find out about CS courses and meet the teachers. The day will give you a good overview of the courses and schools within CS which will help you to plan your studies.

At the end of the day, we will move to the Test Site for the welcome party, where you will have an opportunity to learn about the practical sustainability projects taking place in Otaniemi and to meet some students from the previous years.

Time: Tuesday 11th of September 2018, 12.30.
Place: Room M202 in Väre, Otaniemi.


12.30-13.15     Introduction to the CS departments and meeting the program representatives.

Introduction to the approach and teaching of each department related to CS and sustainability.

13.15-14.45     Meeting the departments in smaller groups.

This is an opportunity for discussion between students and teachers. There will be four tables and each group will visit the four tables in turn.

Architecture: Matti Kuittinen & USP: Ramia Maze.
Business: Leena Lankoski, Minna Halme, Samuli Patala.
Design: Mikko Jalas, Eeva Berglund, Hella Hernberg.
Built Environment: Anahita Rashidfarokhi, Matleena Muhonen.


15.00-15.30     Joint session: What was most interesting in the tables? What open questions remain?


16:30 Welcome party at The Test Site, located in Ossinlampi (next to Agrid).

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