CS Culture Fair

Let’s share ideas, get to know different culture and party together! Join CS students, teachers and alumni for an evening of culture like no other.

Date: Nov 10th Sat 18-22pm
Place: The Design Factory (The Stage)

Please bring the signature dishes from your own country. (Team-up with students or faculty in the same country is highly encouraged.) The time is scheduled from 4pm-10pm. Venue is pending. If the weather allows, we will do group sports, if not, indoor activities then.

1600-1800 sports and activities
Outdoor suggestions: dodge ball, kickball, basketball…. if the weather allows

1800-1930 International Dinner Buffet
Every country will introduce the dishes then everyone enjoys the international buffet. You can bring your national flag for better recognition on the buffet table.

1930-2000 Country-specific activity session.
Everyone can propose an activity popular in their own countries. Then others can choose to join any session. Each session is 20-30 minutes. For example: Salsa, Taiwanese massage…and so on.

2000-2200 Let’s Dance Dance Dance
Each country provides 5 songs then let’s just dance.

2000-2200 in-depth conversation
for those who don’t like dancing. There will be another space for you to have in-depth conversation.

All welcome, join the Facebook event here

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