Capstone 2018

WHEN: 10.1.-28.3.2018
Prof. Armi Temmes Aalto BIZ (Responsible teacher),
Prof. Mikko Jalas Aalto ARTS,
Senior University Lecturer Leena Lankoski Aalto BIZ,
Post doc.  Jarkko Levänen Aalto BIZ
PARTNERS: Familon, Fiskars, Tampere & Tanzania Meteorological Agency
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Capstone (21E12002) course summarizes the skills-related learning outcomes of the whole Creative Sustainability program. During the course, students work in teams towards finding creative solutions to real-life social and environmental challenges brought by partner organizations, which can be e.g. companies or NGO’s. (Capstone on Weboodi)

This year, the Capstone course consisted four sub-projects by four different clients. From below, you can find brief descriptions of Capstone 2018 projects and a course experience by the student group that worked with Tampere city’s eco consultancy EcoFellows.

Familon is a Finnish, well-known brand that produces home textiles, pillows, duvets, mattresses and beds. The students’ project with Familon concentrated to circular economy.

The most famous product of Fiskars Group (established in 1649) are orange-handled scissors, but the product portfolio includes also a number of innovative tools for gardening, cooking and crafting. The Capstone project with Fiskars focused on circular economy.

EcoFellows Ltd. (Eco consultant of Tampere city)
EcoFellows Ltd provides information, consulting, training and expert services with an aim to develop sustainable actions and lifestyles in the Tampere Region. With the project defined by EcoFellows, the students focused on the changing role of incumbent energy company in heat production, and sustainability transitions.

Tanzania Meteorological Agency (TMA)
Tanzania Meteorological Agency is a meteorological service provider in Tanzania. The focus area with TMA was on reaching small-holder farmers in developing countries, and inclusive innovation.

Students’ experience: Improving Customer Services During Energy Turnaround

(Written by the students working with EcoFellows Ltd.)

As a part of the Creative Sustainability programme, Simon Carlier, Vy Dinh, Tiina Ohrling and Julia Renko collaborated on a project with EcoFellows Ltd., the Tampere city’s own eco consultant, to improve the customer awareness and engagement of Tampereen Sähkölaitos under the global clean energy transition. The project was part of the students’ Capstone module, a course that gives the opportunity for students to use their studies as a foundation to do consulting work to a real client on sustainability matters.

During the three months, the students researched and analyzed Finnish energy market with an aim to develop sustainable business development ideas for Sähkölaitos. Drawing from an in-depth desk research, reflections from personal experiences as a consumer and interviews with young consumers, the students focused especially on the customer’s point of view on the electricity market.

“We are pleasantly surprised to learn how much Tampereen Sähkölaitos has invested in the energy turnaround. They have already reached the 2020 goals set by EU for reducing emissions and increasing the share of the renewables, there are many pilot projects for more optimized energy solutions and they are actively involved in fostering community wellbeing at Tampere. However, we only found this information when we dug deep into the annual reports. This is definitely the kind of information that if communicated more transparently on the website, would have a positive impact on the company’s reputation as a company that takes concrete steps to support the sustainability of the Finnish energy market,” Tiina explains.

The students presented solutions focusing on three key areas. First, increasing customer awareness on the energy transition through improved visualization of the website design and customized bills. The students presented a prototype of renewed customer portal, WattiMaatti, where customers can personalize their profile to receive relevant eco-tips and are given real time tracking of their bill status and current energy consumption in relation to current production of Sähkölaitos. Second, increasing customer engagement through provision of incentives for customers to consider their energy usage through campaigns, challenges with prizes and integrated sustainability communication. Finally, developing the feeling of community within Tampere through activities such as themed Energy Days, workshops, and discussion boards. All of this together would strengthen competitiveness of Tampereen Sähkölaitos in Finland and support its role of being more than just an energy provider in its region.

“This course expanded our understanding on social and environmental challenges in the business world and developed our team working skills. We had to do a lot of desk research in order to gain a more fuller understanding of the Finnish energy market and the global clean energy transition so we can provide our client with the most relevant, up-to-date and practical solutions. The project granted us with first-hand experience not only on working with real clients, but also on how to manage and work with different disciplines within a team. Despite the intensity and workload of the project, it was all very teaching and rewarding at the end,” Julia says.


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