1st Building Day

The first building day of the Practical Sustainability Test Site took place in 28th of April 2018. On this day, the students created the master plan for the site. This included selecting and marking the sites for the projects and planning how they work together. The day also included a eco-soap workshop by JooSoap and a workshop about the identity of the test site. By the time the goals of the day were accomplished, a damp morning turned into a sunny afternoon and the building day highlighted to cooking and grilling together.

The projects that are planned to be built are Gas Cow, Barn (communal space), Garden, Pee-Osk and Solar Disk. The boxes for the garden were installed in the building day. They have been previously in garden use by the Urban Factory, but because of the charred surface that prevents them from rottening, they are still in a great condition. The boxes will be filled with a soil from HSY’s water treatment plan on Aalto Sustainability Day 18.5.2018 and the edible plants are planted after the risk of frost has passed.

More photos: CS Flickr


Below is a list of the current Test Site projects, although the leading thought behind the site planning is that it can grow organically, if and when new projects appear.


We are working on building a communal garden using permaculture principles. Our aim is to learn and understand how complex systems work in practice, by experimenting, creating synergies, collaborating with other organizations and projects in the site and practicing circular economy.

People involved: Andrea Gilly, Petri Kangassalo, Nele Korhonen, Tania Malrechauffe, Surabhi Nadig and Andy Matias.

Campus Circular Mini EcoSoap Studio

At this Mini EcoSoap Studio, we aim to produce campus circular EcoSoaps and try to develop a long-term and self-sustain management strategy of this project at this Sustainability Practical Test Site. It is also a test model for future collaborate campus, community, NGO’s mini EcoSoap Studio.

People involved: Fang Shuan Chang, Pei-Yu Lin, Ying-Ju Lin, JooSoap Studio Helsinki

Solar Disk

Designed by Dan Palarie and Soroush Moradi, Solar Disk is a project initiated from Aalto Creative Sustainability course (sustainable product and service design) and developed further after the course. The core idea is to have a solar installation that is integrated in urban context and generates electricity for urban grid by tracking the sun during the day and acting as a light source for pedestrians during the night.

For more information please contact us: Soroush.moradi@HIDEdesign.co, Dan.palarie@HIDEdesign.co


We aim to inspire students and professional with or without a passion for circular systems by developing a kiosk that processes human waste into homegrown Bloody Maries. By bringing the processes back to a human scale, we set out to demonstrate a thought-provoking way to take advantage of a valuable product that is currently flushed down the toilet. At the same time, we challenge the societal perception of human waste, by placing it in the absurd context of a cocktail party, provoke a discussion around how to reframe sustainability.

People involved: Willem Van Twuijver, Anabel Fischer, Jacqueline German

The Barn

The barn is meant as a communal meeting place. The 4mx4m structure will be set up by end of August as part of a community building activity with the new students. It is designed to be developed further by future students in the subsequent time.

People involved: Willem Van Twuijver, Bergpob Viriyaroj, Mirko Wittka, Philip Hector

Gas Cow

A small anaerobic biogas digester, which will feed on all the biodegradable waste being generated at the site. The biogas generated can be used for multiple purposes as required and the slurry can be composted or used as fertilizers for the plants and greenhouse.

People involved: Avinash Dhital, Niko Rolamo


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