SGT studio 2017

Tanzania_2017web Sustainable Global Technologies studio, WAT-E2070 CS elective course, Department of Built Environment Teacher: Matleena Muhonen

SGT Studio is co-learning studio for Master’s and PhD students working with various stakeholders, such as NGOs and communities. The course includes real-life cases, which are this year located in Tanzania, Mexico and Greece. The aim of these projects is to contribute to sustainability and wellbeing of the local communities. Learn more about this year projects from the students’ blogs:


UPWARD SPIRAL PROJECT “The purpose of the Upward Spiral Project is to determine the prerequisites for a self-sustaining system that processes and utilizes composted human waste collected from existing dry toilets” [blog] [instagram]

Mexico (3 groups)

MEXICO EL20 “The purpose of the project for 2017 is to continue with improving the understanding and management of safe water and sanitation systems in El 20,[…] a traditional Mayan community” [blog]

MEXICO Uxuxubí “[…]we will be co-designing a model for sustainable, community-based tourism that can help the villagers achieve their dream of becoming part of the Yucatán Peninsula’s booming tourism industry” [blog]

MEXICO San Pancho “San Pancho project is a 3 year running project starting this year, in Jan 2017 concentrating on using sustainable tourism as a method to solve environmental, social and economic issues in San Pancho” [blog] [instagram]


THE LIFT PROJECT:ATHENS “The aim of this project is to positively respond to the ongoing refugee crisis in Greece. We will organize activities, such as workshops to share life skills with the unaccompanied minors which aim at empowering them to stand on their own two feet and to pursue their goals and dreams in life” [blog] [instagram] [facebook]

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