OPEN CALL: Test site for Practical Sustainability at Otaniemi campus

Photo: Will Twuijver
Photo: Will Twuijver

Are you fed up with the blah blah blah on climate change, and you just want to start doing something?

Come join us and build a place for practical sustainability by getting our hands dirty!

Students, Creative Sustainability programme, Sustainable Global Technologies studio, Impact Iglu, ASC, ACRE and Sustainability Hub have joined hands to set up a test site for practical sustainability. Do you want to get involved? From January onward we will have one whole year to develop a pilot system for real life sustainability experiments at one of two possible sites on Otaniemi campus. In this test site, we can do experiments with permaculture, develop Low-tech products, build sustainable dwellings, host dinners, movie nights, lectures and workshops. BUT similar to global transitions towards sustainability, we have to build it from scratch! If you are interested in being part of a community that builds the future, please join us to help create a real space for real practical sustainability!

To participate, please send an application before January 10th 2018 by filling out this form


What are we looking for?

If you have an idea, you are already working on a project, or you are simply interested in putting theory into practice, let’s join forces! Please write us about your ideas, your interests and your passions and how you think you can make them happen. We would like to know what you would like to see happen, and together create a space where we can put our ideas into action. All ideas and proposals are welcome and everybody can join. However, since we are building this project from scratch, we are foremostly looking for dedicated participants who are willing to invest their time, energy and passion into this project.

The project runs from January till September and requires attendance at a group meeting once every two weeks (especially in the early stages of the project).

The trajectory of the project looks as follows:

Incubation phase: In this phase we will develop a system that is based on the common understanding of each other’s interest: which interests are shared and how we make sure that individuals can still develop their own interests?

March and April
Preparation phase: at Otaniemi campus we will actively start prototyping our ideas, from building technologies, to mapping out resources found on campus, to planning events and workshops.

May and June
Operation: When the snows have melted we will bring our prototypes outside and start hosting events to engage a wider group into our community

July and August
Exhibition: For those staying in Finland continuing in summer is optional

September to January
The first round of the project has come to an end. Continuation is possible, but otherwise, how can we recruit new students to take over the project?

There are three categories in which you can be involved:

Designing with nature
This includes the application of permaculture principles into a natural system, biomimicry, bio-intensive and regenerative systems or anything that involves nature as a source of materials and inspiration.

Low-tech systems
Low-tech systems are those that use smart off-grid solutions to human needs, this can be done with local low cost materials that are easy to find around, but that often solve complex needs.

Social innovation
Are you more of a planner or a community organizer? When solving sustainability challenges, we can not only rely on material and technological solutions alone. We need to rethink the way in which we interact on our daily practices including our behavior, economy or political systems.

These categories will in one way or another be interdependent and interlinked. Our goal is to create collaboration between participants as well as open up space for individual growth: resulting in a community for students to learn with and from one another.

To learn more about Otaniemi site see the report of Otaniemi Ecosystem Services.

What can you get from us?

We offer a network of people with whom you can collaborate and learn from. A space where you can come to work and experiment. And most importantly we offer support and collaboration. Also credits are optional depending on the amount of hours invested.

How to apply?

Please fill in this form before the 10th of January.

Come to hear more about the project to the Creative Sustainability Christmas Party on 12th of December, at 18:00 in the Aalto Global Impact space in Lapuankatu 2, Helsinki.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Mikko Jalas/ Creative Sustainability (
Meri Löyttyniemi/ Aalto Sustainability Hub (

Thank you for your interest! We are eager to hear from you! Otaniemi-TestSite-Join

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