CS Kick-off Day 2017


Welcome to the Creative Sustainability (CS) Kick-off day! In the kick-off day you will hear about CS courses and meet the teachers. This day will give you a good overview of the courses and schools within CS, which will help you to plan your studies.

At the end of the day, we will move to the 6th floor for a CS welcome party, where you will have an opportunity to learn about student associations (Sustainable Business Club and A Sustainability Community) and meet some students from the previous years.

Time: Tuesday 12th of September 2017
Place: Room 5022 (5th floor), Arabia campus, Hämeentie 135 C, Helsinki


10:00-10:15 Introduction to the Kick-off day (Mikko Jalas)
10:15-10:40 CS compulsory courses for CS master students (Mikko Jalas)
MUO-E8000 Creative Teamwork
WAT-E3020 State of the World and Development
21E16000 Sustainable Business & Consumption
MUO-E8020 Sustainable Product and Service Design, Theory
SPT-E1050 Systems Thinking for Sustainable Living Environment
MUO-E8016 Knowledge Making for Sustainability (Eeva Berglund)
10:40-11:50 CS courses by Dept of Design
MUO-E8018 Sustainability Politics (Eeva Berglund)
MUO-E8021 Participatory Methods and Facilitation Skills (Paula Siitonen)
MUO-E8020 Sustainable Product and Service Design, Theory (Mikko Jalas & Tatu Marttila)
MUO-E8017 Eco-auditing (Tatu Marttila)
MUO-E8023 Values in Design Futures (Eeva Berglund/Idil Gaziulusoy)
MUO-E8012 Design for Government (Ramia Maze)
Designing for urban governance and services (Ramia Maze)
Urban transitions and futures (Idil Gaziulusoy)

11:50-12:50 lunch break
12:50-13:50 CS courses by BIZ (Armi Temmes and other teachers)
21E16000 Sustainable Business & Consumption (Minna Halme, Angelina Korsunova)
21E12002 Capstone in Creative Sustainability (Armi Temmes)
21E10000 How to change the world: Innovation toward Sustainability (Minna Halme)
21E11001 Dialogues on corporate responsibility in global economy (Galina Kallio)
22E29100 Accounting for Sustainability (Hanna Silvola)
25E18000 Sustainable Entrepreneurship (Steffen Farny) Armi will present.
21E16100 Energy Business and Innovation (Jouni Juntunen)
13:50-14:20 CS courses by Real Estate/ Built Environment (Anahita Rashidfarrokhi)
SPT-E1050 Systems Thinking for Sustainable Living Environment (Katri Pulkkinen)
REC-E1010 Real Estate Economics
REC-E1020 Property Right, Cadaster and Planning
REC-E1060 Business Environmental Law
REC-E3010 Real Estate Business and Entrepreneurship
REC-E3030 Real Estate Development

14:20-14:40 Break
14:40-15:10 CS courses by Sustainale Global Technologies Programme/ Built Environment (Matleena Muhonen)
WAT-E3020 State of the World and Development
WAT-E2060 Sustainable Built Environment
WAT-E2070 Sustainable Global Technologies (SGT) Studio
ARK-E2007 Interplay of Cultures, Studio (Saija Hollmen) (course name changed! It used to be Cities in Transition.)
15:10-15:40 CS courses by Dept of Architecture (Matti Kuittinen)
MAR-E1024 Sustainable Landscape – EIA, studio -> not organized for 2017-2018
MAR-E1025 Green Area Planning (Juanjo Galan)
ARK-E4009 Sustainability Tools for Building Designers (Matti Kuittinen), new course
ARK-E3505 Sustainable Building Design
ARK-E5505 Sustainable Urban Design
15:40-16:00 Others, comments, Q & A…

16:15 Welcome party in the students’ space on the 6th floor (room 6042), Arabia campus

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