CS Design: Nicholas B. Torretta


Nicholas B. Torretta
PhD Candidate, Umeå Institute of Design

The CS programme is a diverse, multidisciplinary, melting pot for sustainability reflection and action. The structure of the programme provided a vast spectrum of knowledge in transformation for sustainability and allowed me to develop depth on the topics I found dearest.

More than just a university programme, CS feels like a family – but a very critically thinking one, which was great. With professors, researchers, PhD candidates and master students from various disciplines, CS is a big family of people eager to exchange knowledge, collaborate and challenge each other to advance the field of sustainability.

The CS experience gave me skills to move across and collaborate with different disciplines on sustainability science. I can say with confidence that CS has greatly prepared me to do research, take action, teach and embark on a PhD on sustainability.

Posted by Creative Sustainability
2 years ago