CS Business: Erwan Mouazan


Erwan Mouazan
Founder of Ecovala

The programme offers a strong body of knowledge around sustainability issues, whether you want to work as a sustainability manager, a consultant or an eco-designer. Throughout the portfolio of available courses in the different disciplines, the programme gives us as students the opportunity to work on hands-on real-life projects while receiving excellent support from professors, consultants and public sector experts.

From a business perspective, the courses I took have provided me with a high level of expertise on the main issues at stake (CSR, transition management, innovation, strategic resilience and renewal, new business models) both from a practical and academic viewpoint.

For my minor, I took a set of courses related to sustainable products and service design, and learnt a useful set of methodologies/approaches ready to be applied in a working context.

I appreciated working with like-minded people coming from other academic backgrounds, as multi-disciplinarity and systems thinking are essential skills to master when dealing with wicked problems and complex sustainability challenges.

I am currently working as a sustainability consultant for different EU projects and really appreciate the skills and competences acquired through my studies at Aalto’s CS programme.

Posted by Creative Sustainability
2 years ago