CS Built Environment: Andrea Cuesta


Andrea Cuesta
Student, Currently on exchange at KTH in the Sustainable Urban Planning and Design programme

I chose to study the Engineering track of Creative Sustainability because it was the one mostly related to my background. Little did I know that it would open a new world for me, the world of Urban Sustainability. I was used to working on a smaller scale (products and manufacturing processes), but being part of the Creative Sustainability programme and my track-specific classes have shown me how incredibly complex, challenging and at the same time exciting it is to identify and solve sustainability-related problems. Thanks to the programme, and the many networks and opportunities created because of it, I have been able to work on a humanitarian project in Greece, be part of an innovation lab working with the Sustainable Development Goals, organise sustainability-related events and at the moment study Sustainable Urban Planning as an exchange student in Sweden. Needless to say, I am pretty excited about the things to come!

Posted by Creative Sustainability
2 years ago