CS Built Environment: Martina Salonen


Martina Salonen (Bendová)
Consultant for Green Buildings and Sustainability, Ramboll

In my opinion, the most unique feature of the Creative Sustainability master’s degree programme is the multidisciplinarity. The programme brings together like-minded people with different backgrounds and that makes for an amazing environment for cooperation and learning. Another advantage of the programme is the high level of freedom in the selection of courses. Being able to pick a variety of courses from all schools of Aalto University is a terrific feature; however, this might be dangerous for those who would like to take them all – study time expands easily when you’re having fun.

CS studies provided me with a better and holistic understanding of sustainability and the possibility to work on interesting projects with great people. The studies prepared me well for working life, and what I acquired in communications skills and the critical analysis of information are important in my everyday life.

Posted by Creative Sustainability
2 years ago