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The 3rd research seminar by Aalto Sustainability Hub (ASH) took place on 30th of November 2017 in Otaniemi campus. In this seminar, the school of Arts, Design and Architecture (Aalto ARTS) presented a number of approaches to sustainability, which formed an encompassing glimpse of the sustainability research and education within Aalto ARTS. The presentations from the teachers and researchers were followed by a vivid panel discussion on the role of Aalto ARTS in sustainability within Aalto University and on a local and global scale.

Sustainability in the mega cities is not only a technical issue, but
also a question about humanities and how we organize the cities.

Ramia Maze

The conversation ranged from the multiple descriptions for sustainability to seeking for the significant leverage points for sustainability. In particular, the question of sustainability as a utopia guided the discussion towards humanities and to the contradiction between desires and sustainability, but also towards a deliberation on the alternatives to an anthropocentric view of sustainability. However, the diversity of views and approaches to sustainability was not only seen as a strength, but also a mission of the University.

In addition to the topics brought up by Aalto ARTS, Meri Löyttyniemi introduced Aalto University’s commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), which is targeted to become an integral part of Aalto University’s strategy and will be led by Aalto Sustainability Hub. The program and list of speakers can be found here.

Aalto Sustainability Hub and Creative Sustainability

Aalto Sustainability Hub contributes to sustainability research, education and implementation in Aalto University and beyond. The strategic ideas guiding the work are Circular Economy, Co-Creation and Campus as Living Lab. The aim of ASH “is to bring new understanding of the systemic solutions needed for a sustainable future”.

The Creative Sustainability Master’s programme shares a variety of interests with Aalto Sustainability Hub and therefore, cooperation between them has been active since the initiative stage of ASH. Several Creative Sustainability teachers serve in the board of ASH, and the Creative Sustainability students are planning a sustainability test site on the Otaniemi campus, which will be conducted in cooperation with ASH. For Creative Sustainability, ASH will bring opportunities to connect with other Aalto departments, students, staff and researchers on sustainability-related challenges and solutions.

Photographs of the event: CS Flickr

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