Join Social Business Competition 2016!

Organized by HEC Montréal and Grameen Creative Lab which is working in close collaboration with Nobel laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Social Business Competition 2016 is an innovative pedagogical platform on which students learn to create social businesses.

Format and Eligibility

Social Business Competition is structured as a course which provides experiential learning and uses a gamification approach to enhance students’ learning experience. Participating students will learn how to use market mechanisms to address social challenges, leverage on a social collective mindset, collaborate with various stakeholders, and develop their business idea into a real business. This competition offers a win-win platform that allows for bottom-up development. The amount of work required from participating students is equivalent to what is required from a 3-credit course. Social Business Creation competition is open to university students at all levels, in all programs, and all disciplines. Non-students can be a part of the entrepreneurial team but cannot enter the competition as participants.


Teams interested in entering the competition must submit a one-page proposal (which describes the social challenge(s) to be addressed, business idea, and team composition) by April 18, 2016.
If admitted, each participating student pays $100 registration fee by May 2, 2016. This allows the participating students to:
* follow HEC Montréal’s online course comprising 4 modules specifically designed for this competition;
* showcase their projects on;
* use social business creation competition’s online platform and templates for their activities within the framework of this competition;
* receive HEC Montréal’s certificates if they complete the first 2 rounds of the competition; and
* follow 1-week training at HEC Montréal.

For more information please visit.

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3 years ago