Green Challenge

What is Green Challenge?

  • Green Challenge is an annual student conference to promote and increase focus on the topics of sustainability, the environment, and climate technology in DTU’s educational programmes
  • In the Green Challenge competition, students work with well-defined sets of problems developed from their coursework or other professional interests. The work culminates with the presentation in the Green Challenge student conference
  • An abstract (a project summary) must be submitted and a mode of presentation must be selected prior to the student conference
  • Prizes will be awarded for the best projects in 8 different categories

DTU offers 5 Aalto students one of two programs:

2 day programme leading up to the conference
  • For those interested in a short term stay, DTU will offer a two day social programme with activities leading up to the day of the student conference. Activities will include an introduction to studies and student life at DTU, a workshop on how to pitch a project and sight-seeing in the Copenhagen area. DTU will pay for food and accommodation.
3 week course and students conference
  • Students who are interested in a longer stay are invited to participate in one of DTU’s 3 week courses in preparation for the student conference. The 3 week courses are intensive 5 ECTS credit courses that take place in the beginning of June leading up to the student conference. Our housing office will provide accommodation at the students own expense.

The Green Challenge coordinator at Aalto University is Annukka Jyrämä (RIS).

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