Design for Government: Final Show


The final show of the 2015 Design for Government course took place in Säätytalo (House of the Estates) on May 26th. Here you can watch the event in its entirety.


Sirpa Kekkonen, head of the Government Strategy Secretariat of the Prime Minister’s Office, opened the event with a warm welcome to Säätytalo, one of the most historically significant places for Finnish politics and policy making. Then, the teachers of DfG, Seungho Lee and Juha Kronqvist, gave a brief summary of DfG 2015, and an interesting example of systemic design from Gordon Murray, the legendary F1 car designer, which repeatedly came up as a metaphor.

Project Piazza

Presenting first were the two Project Piazza teams, who were assigned to come up with solutions to better utilise government-funded research projects. Despite the complexity of the challenges commissioned to them, the teams have come up with two rather different but both high-potential proposals, one focusing on sharing the government-funded research and the other focusing on cultural change.

Team: Laura Uusitalo, Maritere Vargas Contreras, Oona Lii Casalegno, Pok Tik Benjamin Leung.
Download the presentation slides

Team: Anna Eva Várnai, Gaspar Mostafa, Oona Frilander, Petra Leino.
Download the presentation slides

Primary Producer’s Notification

The Primary Producer’s Notification teams presented two radically different, but complementary, proposals in order to lessen the burden on both the primary producers of foodstuffs and the civil servants in the authorities. The first team proposed a comprehensive online service with no forms that will tackle the “April madness”–April is the busiest month for the producers’ farm work as well as paperwork. Meanwhile, the second team focused on improving the existing forms in order to create dialogue between the producers and civil servants.

Team: Anni Leppänen, DU Yuexin, Ekaterina Skvortsova, Eloise Smith-Foster, Iiro Leino.
Download the presentation slides

Team: Bice Lee Herold, Eevi Pauliina Saarikoski, Panu Matias Autio, Richard Eric Birger Hylerstedt.
Download the presentation slides

School Fruits and Vegetables Scheme

The final team showed a way to help increase the consumption of healthy food in schools by scaling up existing practice and making use of available funding that is currently going unused.

Team: Anna-Kaisa Varjus, Jaakko Kalervo Kalsi, Maija Jantunen, Maria Jaatinen, Paula Karlsson.
Download the presentation slides


The event concluded with a discussion among the audience. Virpi Einola-Pekkinen, the Head of Development at the Ministry of Finance and one of the founders of Change Maker’s Network, opened the session. After that, Juha and Seungho led the discussion with two questions, and the audience discussed those questions with the person sitting next to them. The discussion was lively and brought up interesting questions and agendas. One of the questions was “would the Finnish government hire new talents for facilitating and applying the new approaches presented in DfG?”. Laura Aalto from Toimiva kaupunki (Design Driven City) said that it would take time, but it will certainly happen, as based on her own experience the mindset of civil servants is rapidly changing.

If you’d like to see more of DfG, check some photos from the Final Show, and the Design for Government website. DfG will also be part of Helsinki Design Week this coming September.

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