CS Open Lecture – The Changing Arctic: Beyond the Headlines

CS open lecture
Thu 5 December, 10:30-12:00
Media Factory auditorium

Henry Huntington (Ph.D.) will talk about climate change, industrialization, and cultural change in the Arctic. His talk will go beyond the simple stories that are commonly presented in the mass media, and look at the deeper and more complex sides of these topics. He has worked in the region for 25 years, studying human-environment interactions and, more recently, working on conservation of the Arctic Ocean. Many of his projects have been collaborations with Inuit and other indigenous peoples. Recently, he was one of the authors of The Meaning of Ice, a book about people and sea ice in Barrow, Alaska; Clyde River, Canada; and Qaanaaq, Greenland. Henry lives with his wife and two sons in Eagle River, Alaska.

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5 years ago