Registration for cs0010 “Challenging the Mindset Summer Workshop (3 ECTS)” until 20 May 2013

Challenging the Mindset Summer Workshop (3 ECTS) is a two-week intensive program from 3rd to 14th June 2013 in Helsinki. It is an open Summer workshop for all Aalto University master’s level students and a prerequisite for the Aalto LAB program to take place in Mexico in November 2013. Registration time is 1-20 May 2013.


As communities of practice generate knowledge, they renew themselves. They give you both the golden eggs and the goose that lays them (Wenger and Snyder, 2000 p.143).

We will explore:

  • Longitudinal approaches for appropriate impact.
  • Creating a deep understanding of changing mindsets.
  • Exploring new ways for approaches and tools that could be used in the future. We understand that meaningful, long term exchange respects the past, present and future.


Using knowledge networks to track knowledge transference and map emergent outcomes with a view to investigate developmental stages within knowledge structures that are important for:

  • “Collective / community memory” and the attitude towards collection, discovery, use and maintenance of its development.
  • “Emotional bandwidth”, which is the development, understanding and use of human / social element of networking, within and beyond communities.


Week 1

  • 3rd workshop begins with a full day that “sets the stage” for the introduction of concepts via lectures and a series of scenarios.
  • 4th – 6th June the participants will be working with professionals with backgrounds in governance through an international event Gov Jam 2013 being held globally simultaneously (in collaboration with Aalto Service Factory, Aalto Media Factory and Aalto Design Factory).
  • 6th – 7th June the participants will debrief each other about the event and prepare to expand concepts and was experienced for the following week.

Week 2

  • Participants will prepare (themselves and each other) for presentations that will be “pitched” before a panel of professionals from a variety of backgrounds. This work will be carried out over several days.
  • There will be an in-depth debrief and the end of the workshop, through a series of scenarios and final discussions.
  • It is anticipated that there will be a farewell event on Friday 14th June (current suggestion – booking a Helsinki tram for drinks and a tour of the city).


15 Master’s students from Aalto University and 15 students from Mexico City. Participants should be available for the full two weeks.


The joint workshop will be among students from Mexico City and Aalto University. It will prove to be an exciting experience and we will explore what it means to be aware of and engage with approaches, methods and concepts that differ from which we are comfortable with on a daily basis. Since our existence is more interdependent than ever, we need skill sets that are adaptable and robust, with mindset to match. Our existence is no longer considered as a series of linear processes, it’s complex and dynamic. We are also constantly evolving and changing as individuals, linking and creating inter-dependant relationships on multiple levels. Through the awareness and impact of mindsets, this workshop will empower participants to focus on creative and innovative tensions between ideas and practice and emergent outcomes. These elements are also the basis of sustainability of robust communities that have compatible and renewable interconnectedness.


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Posted by Naoko Nakagawa
6 years ago