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Small design action can change the world

In September from 6th to 26th (Opening event 5th September 6 pm, Caisa gallery), Another Design Story by Jy Park presents a variety of his field works and cultural experiences from South Korea, Finland and Uganda at the Caisa gallery. Jy Park is a student at the Creative Sustainability Master Degree program in Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

In the exhibition, products, furniture and installations are all designed through inspiration from different cultural backgrounds. In the era of high awareness of sustainable development, designers must increasingly consider their design as responsible for being a social and cultural communicator. For this reason, the exhibition aims at describing the story behind each design piece:how was the design started, why the design story was told, where can it be made, by whom and for what?

The exhibition consists of three main sections, “Made in Finland” “Made in Korea” and “Made in Uganda & Rwanda”. In total there are eight design works, furniture, conceptual design and products. Each section has its own sustainable design theme and detail strategy such as open source, fair trade, local production and recycle concept.

The sustainable design exhibition is supported by Caisa cultural center and School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Creative Sustainability MA program, which teaches sustainable design issues and strategies. Caisa has strongly supported to different cultural background artists and designers in Finland.

At the same time, the cultural producer of Caisa, Lika Faruk, was hugely impressed by the first meeting of Jy Park’s sustainable design works and project in Uganda, which is strongly connected at cultural and social issues in Africa. As a result, this is the very first time a Korean designer will exhibit at Caisa’s one and only design exhibition this year.

Product can be bought at the exhibition. In addition the profit from sales will support the practical water project for Ugandan children in rural areas with international NGO, Childfund.

Sustainable design exhibition: Another design story 6th to 26th September

Caisa Gallery, Mikonkatu 17C, Helsinki, Finland

Contact details:

Designer, Jy Park, creativesoom@gmail.com, www.Jyparkdesign.com +358400872467

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6 years ago